Our success story began in 1998 with six employees and seven machines. Today the company has 230 employees and works with about 50 injection molding machines. In 2010 the company achieved a turnover of around 20, in 2014 a turnover of around 32 million euros. The Oebisfelder SLM Kunststofftechnik is now one of the leading suppliers to the automotive industry and serves companies all over the world. This commitment is distinguished with the awards “Entrepreneur of the Year Region Sachsen-Anhalt” in 2002 and the “Grand Prix of the middle class” in the year of 2010.

With excellent technical innovations and a highly motivated workforce, the company SLM became one of the economic “lighthouses” in Saxony-Anhalt. The products can be manufactured using the latest production facilities and thereby optimally respond with shorter development times for the customer.

The plastic parts are manufactured by more than 50 injection molding machines of ENGEL and DEMAG. Our plastics satisfy the highest requirements in the rapidly changing market for the automotive industry (with magnitudes 35-1700 tons clamping force). Apart from the production of attachments for bumpers and technical plastic parts of all kinds, our staff supports customers with the development and preparation of feasibility studies.

Die Erfolgsgeschichte auf einen Blick!

1998 Formation of the company with 3 employees and 7 injection molding machines
2002 Thomas Brüsch: Entrepreneur of the Year 2002: Region of Saxony-Anhalt
2006 Expansion of the company to an administrative building
2007 Expansion of the company to its own tool and an assembly hall
2008 Completion of a new warehouse and acquisition of 5 additional injection molding machines
2010 Completion of another warehouse and purchase of new injection molding machines 4
2010 Grand Prix of the middle class
2011 Completion of a new injection molding hall
2012 Purchase of 4 other injection molding machines
2014 Purchase of 4 all-electric injection molding machines
2014 EUR 32 million generated revenue
2015 Purchase of 4 other injection molding machines
2015 Expansion of the company to another warehouse (3,000 m²)

A selection of our customers in the automotive and electronics industry:



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